sooo…i know you worked at Disney…was it the internship programjammy or did you just happen to live in Orlando and had an awesome jobat Disney? because i noticed the college program thingy and am curiousto know everything i can about it… if you could be of any help,that’d be lovely. <3

It was the Disney College Program! I did two internships, and I was a representative for the program. SO I CAN ANSWER LIKE ALL YOUR QUESTIONS.

You can work at either WDW in Florida or DL in California, but trust me, you want to do WDW. So much better. And you can work anywhere on property- rides, stores, restaurants, resorts, performing, anything. It’s a paid internship; it’s minimum wage, but still. Paid!

They have apartment complexes specifically for CPs (you can have one to seven roommates) and a bus system that takes you everywhere on property as well as Walmart, the mall, etc.

You can also take classes that, for some schools, will transfer as credit. And some schools give you internship credit too.

The program is really, really fun, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take a semester off but do something that will look super awesome on a resume.

I worked my first CP in the spring of 2006 as a Tour Guide on the Great Movie Ride, and my second in the summer of 2009 at Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, High School Musical 3: School’s Out! Pep Rally, Fantasmic! and the Pixar Block Party Bash parade. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is totally my jam.

And as a CP CM you get all sorts of perks and discounts. Suddenly everyone will want to be your best friend…

And also, when you work parade and have to pull up the tape afterwards, you can make really cool Mickey-shaped tape balls. So that’s a perk.

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