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But I will answer them, as long as you come cuddle with me.

#1: Whenever I dress up for Harry Potter events, I go as Lily Potter. I put on a white dress with my Gryffindor scarf, and then I take this Precious Moments doll I had when I was little and draw a scar on his forehead with an eyeliner pencil and put doll glasses on him. Then I walk around saying “HELLO! I AM LILY POTTER! I AM DEAD! THIS IS MY SON HARRY!” And people stare at me.

#2: Also, I have Lily Potter’s wand. It is awesome.

#3: I have always secretly wanted to be a ballerina. This will never happen. But I still like ballet.

#4: I also really want to be a voice actress. I can mimic a lot of accents and character voices. And it is fun.

#5: My favorite Disney princess is Ariel, but everyone says I’m the most like Giselle.

#6: I hate, hate, HATE talking on the phone. I will text. Most of the time. Sometimes even that is too much pressure.

#7: I drive a cream colored PT Cruiser affectionately referred to as “the Girlymobile” or Appa.

#8: I can still recite the Great Movie Ride script.

#9: I have 47 allergies.

#10: I want to play Eponine in Les Miserables someday.

in which my sister and I discuss cosplay

  • [10:29:29 AM] Caitlin: now, do I have to follow your themes for every day?
    [10:29:59 AM] Lindsay: No you don’t, we doing random ones, but Afro Mike is gonna Be Lando and Nate is gonna be Luke when I’m Han Solo
    [10:31:13 AM] Lindsay: although they want me to be Leia since Nate and I kinda look like them
    [10:32:19 AM] Caitlin: LOOool
    [10:32:42 AM] Lindsay: I could totally be Leia, but I’m still carrying the blaster
    [10:33:16 AM] Caitlin: I like this logic
    [10:33:28 AM] Lindsay: THank you Mr. Spock
    [10:33:38 AM] Caitlin: live long and prosper
    [10:33:58 AM] Lindsay: Dad wore his Kirk shirt on Star Wars Weekend Day
    [10:34:22 AM] Lindsay: one of the Midway Mania cast was picking on him….I lol’d
    [10:34:22 AM] Caitlin: I KNEW WE WEREN’T ADOPTED.

Tag, you’re it!Here are the rules:Each tagged person must post tenthings about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people . Go totheir blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tag back.

I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! I’m terrible at coming up with interesting answers, though…

#1: I wear dresses 95% of the time, and most of them are blue.

#2: I have pierced ears, but I never remember to wear earrings. The only jewelry I wear is my engagement ring and wedding band. (But they’re very very pretty!)

#3: I saw Princess and the Frog five times in theaters.

#4: My kitten Hiccup is the first pet I’ve ever had.

#5: I have a small collection of movie Barbies- Tinker Bell, Belle from Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Charlotte LaBouf, Anastasia in dream waltz dress, Ariel, a 1991 Belle, and Ron Stoppable. I also have Homecoming Queen 1989 Skipper. Why? Because that was my first Barbie, and my mom gave away all my Barbies when I was eight, so when I turned 18 I tracked Skipper down on Ebay. Take that, Mother! Take that!

#6: I once watched Newsies 118 times in one year. And yes, I counted.

#7: I dislike squids and monkeys.

#8: I have very small feet. My sandals are size 4 1/2” children’s and fasten with velcro. They also have iCarly on them.

#9: I know the year of every Disney animated feature film.

#10: I also know where to find the Pizza Planet truck in every Pixar film.

Tag, you’re it!Here are the rules:Each tagged person must post tenthings about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people . Go totheir blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tag backs


#1: My sister is four years younger and we joke that we are on opposite ends of the gene pool. I am 4’11 3/4”, redheaded, blue-eyed, curvy, and a soprano. She’s a 5’6” brunette with green eyes, the same build as a dowel rod, and an alto. People usually don’t realize we’re related until we start talking and they realize our mannerisms are identical.

And also we speak entirely in movie quotes.

#2: I didn’t discover Ben and Jerry’s ice cream until I was like 19 or so. And then…I fell in love. There is currently a pint of Bonnaroo Buzz in my freezer…

#3: I have an incredibly high alcohol tolerance. Like, freakish. I’ve never been drunk, and the only time I have ever been tipsy was when I had had a hard cider, two Jack and Cokes, some Guinness, and a shot of Jameson. And even then…I was just tipsy. Kat can verify this.

#4: My dream in life is to become the American J.K. Rowling. If I can ever get the courage to send out my manuscript.

#5: My childhood heroes are Sara Crewe, Jo March, Anne Shirley, and Elnora Comstock. If you know who all four of them are, then we must be best friends.

#6: I cannot stand people who breathe through their mouth or chew with their mouths open. I will leave and eat in the living room instead. I have done this often.

#7: I am allergic to everything. EVERYTHING. You think I’m kidding but I’m not.

#8: I wasn’t allowed to watch Disney movies as a child. I retaliated by becoming a Walt Disney World cast member. And now my whole family is obsessed with Disney.

#9: I love making crazy costumes. So far my favorites are Ariel’s blue dress from the Kiss the Girl scene, Swiper from Dora the Explorer, and Alice in Wonderland. I’m also halfway through Giselle’s blue dress from Enchanted; I’m also planning on making Anastasia’s dream waltz dress and a steampunk Snow White costume.

#10: I was voted an honorary man in my theatre department at college because I was the only person who could cut a straight line with the hot knife. I can also change a drill bit with one hand and I’m a kickass arc welder.