in which my sister and I discuss cosplay

  • [10:29:29 AM] Caitlin: now, do I have to follow your themes for every day?
    [10:29:59 AM] Lindsay: No you don’t, we doing random ones, but Afro Mike is gonna Be Lando and Nate is gonna be Luke when I’m Han Solo
    [10:31:13 AM] Lindsay: although they want me to be Leia since Nate and I kinda look like them
    [10:32:19 AM] Caitlin: LOOool
    [10:32:42 AM] Lindsay: I could totally be Leia, but I’m still carrying the blaster
    [10:33:16 AM] Caitlin: I like this logic
    [10:33:28 AM] Lindsay: THank you Mr. Spock
    [10:33:38 AM] Caitlin: live long and prosper
    [10:33:58 AM] Lindsay: Dad wore his Kirk shirt on Star Wars Weekend Day
    [10:34:22 AM] Lindsay: one of the Midway Mania cast was picking on him….I lol’d
    [10:34:22 AM] Caitlin: I KNEW WE WEREN’T ADOPTED.

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