What were you like in high school?(yes, I’m in high school. and nottrying to make you squirm. i just wanna know what big-girl klaineshippers were like back then. before they shipped klaine.)

Aw, come here, my darling. Let me give you hope for your future. 🙂

I was incredibly nerdy but a varsity cheerleader. I was mega into theater. I planned on studying animation in high school. I was very immature because of some severe mental and emotional health problems, but grew up quickly. I wasn’t popular, but I didn’t let the bullying get me like it did when I was younger. I didn’t have a boyfriend or even a crush and actually had a rumor spread about me that I was a lesbian (started by a teacher nonetheless, trolololololo…). My notebooks were covered with pictures from Lord of the Rings, Newsies, anime, and Disney princesses. I went to three different Christian schools because we moved, and by the time I got to school #3 there were just so many fucks I did not give about popularity and such. I never studied and never did any homework, but was quite charming so I got by just fine.

So…yes. That is high school!Caitlin. And I think I turned out rather well, so hopefully you are now looking forward to life out of high school!

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