I went to a writer’s workshop today

-Only in the south would you have a writer’s workshop at a catfish restaurant.

-No, I did not eat any catfish.

-I did eat a fried pecan pie. Again, it’s the south.

-I was the youngest one there.

-There are several different versions of self-publishing, and some actually might be a viable option for me if traditional publishing doesn’t work out.

-One of the speakers kept loudly commenting about my baby. Because she thought I was pregnant. Really?! Twenty points from Caitlin’s Self Esteem.

-The speaker who talked about character development was pretty awesome.

-I am way mahead of the curve compared to all the older people when it comes to blogging.

-I might have accidentally sent a lot of nice middle aged ladies to Tumblr. God bless their souls. I should have warned them about what it was like.

-Someone called me Kristen.

-I was invited to join the writer’s group. Yay!

-I went to Target afterwards, to buy a notebook and a lunchbox and shaving cream for my bear my husband, and I had just gotten into my car, the Book of Mormon soundtrack blaring, when I look across the parking lot to see OMG MORMONS.

No, seriously, it was a like a clown car of nice Mormon boys. And this boy in a purple tee shirt was talking to them and he hugged one of them round the neck and the show finale was blaring and I was like “THIS IS AWESOME.”

-Now I am cleaning my house without wearing any pants.

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