If you made a DCP tumblr, I would totally follow it. And ask lots ofobnoxious questions, like "OH DEAR GOD, WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO ASK MEABOUT?" The only thing I remember anyone telling me about the phoneinterview is to make sure you smile, because Disney can *hear* yoursmile. Also, never say you want Quick-service, or you will 100% end upbeing Quick-service.

So yeah…me and my friend Tara and my sister Lindsay are all former CPs.

I think we need to start a blog where we can answer all Disney College Program related questions and stuff. And tell stories about our experiences. And it would be awesome.

But yeah! Smile during your interview, even if it’s just on the phone. And if they ask you where you want to work, tell them where and why you want to work there. For my first interview, the other girl interviewing was just like “oh, yeah, I’ll work anywhere, I guess…” and I said “I want to work the Great Movie Ride,” and then told the recruiter the story about my first time riding it as a little girl.

I got GMR. The other girl got quick service at Port Orleans.

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