the traditional Christmas Eve buffet:

  • homemade whiskey-brown sugar applesauce
  • crackers/cheese/sausage
  • vegetables and dill dip
  • Swedish meatballs
  • mini pigs in a blanket
  • tortilla rollups
  • sherbet punch
  • Oreo truffles
  • Russian teacakes
  • shortbread
  • candy cane cookies
  • gingercakes
  • peanut butter blossoms

I am now enjoying the traditional food coma while P and I watch Love Actually. He’s never seen it before. I feel like a terrible wife.

At some point we will open the traditional Christmas Eve gifts (Mrs. Claus always gets to the house before Santa does and brings us new holiday pajamas), put the presents under the tree, and crash.

Tomorrow will be stockings, then breakfast (baked eggs, sausage, pound cake with strawberry preserves, and sparkling grape juice), then opening presents during the commercial breaks of the Disney Christmas parade.

I adore holiday traditions.

I hope you’re all having marvelous holiday evenings! And you should tell me what your traditions are!

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