Hiccup Haddock Horrendous IV

My kitten is the cutest kitten.

I’ve never had a pet. Except for the ant farm I accidentally slaughtered when I was in kindergarten, but that’s another story. P and I talked a while about getting a pet, but we didn’t really have any plans.

And then a coworker of mine needed to give a kitten a home, and we volunteered.

Okay, well…let’s rewind a little bit. I work at a bridal shop, right? Well, one of the girls in the tux department got two baby kittens for her son for Easter. Within a few weeks, she realized that two kittens were a huge pain and she didn’t want them. Oh, and her son was five months old. So she brought the kittens in a box to work, dumped them in the break room, and said “whoever wants them can have them.” Nice, hm?

Well, the calico girl kitten got adopted by another tux girl, but the little black boy kitten- Fitzgerald- went home with one of the bridal consultants. Then she realized that her puppy didn’t exactly get along with Fitzgerald (who by now had been renamed Oscar)- she had to leave the kitten locked in the bathroom all day to keep the puppy away from him. So she asked me if P and I wanted to take the kitten.

Did we ever!

She brought the fuzzy little darling over and we’ve both been in love with him ever since. P picked the name- we named him Hiccup after the hero of How To Train Your Dragon, which is ironic because he looks and acts more like Toothless. He’s a little over a year old now, and he’s our sweet darling baby bugaboo.

Except when he pees on everything I love. But that’s another story.

But here, have another picture of our baby cuddling in his blankie when he was only about seven weeks old.

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