I just read your post on dresses and I have to agree, you look amazingin them. I used to feel uncomfortable in them because I dislike mypasty legs, but this year, I’ve really begun to warm up to them andhave been searching for some cute things to get me through the springand summer. Any advice on where to find cute, affordable dresses? (AndI’m exactly an inch shorter than you, but my license says 4 footeleven, so that it shall be!)


I get my dresses all over the place. Forever 21 is hit or miss for me- I am rather large of boob, and a lot of their wovens don’t fit me right. Charlotte Russe used to be a go-to place, but lately they have all clubwear and…um, I’m not so much a club lady. Old Navy is good sometimes, mostly for basic knit maxi dresses.

Honestly, my favorite place to get dresses is Modcloth.com. They have a lot of dresses in the $40-$50 range, which isn’t too bad for a decent dress, and while they sometimes aren’t as perfect as they are online (the perils of ordering without seeing), you can at least read reviews beforehand, and they have a great return policy. I have about ten of their dresses and I adore them!

I also sew a lot of my own clothes, which comes in handy. I sew them from scratch, and I can take a dress that’s too big or too long and take it in to the proper size.

This has been a post about dresses for short people.

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