Monster Shoes and a Flowery Dress


This is probably not the most attractive picture of me ever taken. Usually I take my pictures in the morning on the way out the door, when I haven’t sweated through a forty minute drive and my makeup is still pretty and my clothes aren’t wrinkled. But this…this was taken after 40 minutes to work, 2 hours in the library, an hour of theatre arts (which included participating in a lip-synch competition), 2 hours of auditions (I’m directing the fall production), and then 40 minutes home.
So yeah. Wrinkled, disheveled, demakeup’d…but it could be worse, right? It at least explains why I have such a pained expression.
This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. It’s just a $15 Target dress, but it’s comfy and flattering and I don’t have too many big print things, so…yeah! I love it.
The shoes are new (to me) and this picture really doesn’t do them justice. They seriously make me look like a cartoon character with big feet and bitty legs. They’re secondhand Fluevogs that I got for a steal on eBay, and they’re amazing. I’m really kicking myself for passing up the Mini Lover boots that I nearly bought. Ah, well. Maybe a pair will turn up at some point. In my price range.
Or not.

Also, since I’m directing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I wore my Narnia charm bracelet. I felt it was appropriate.

For callbacks on Thursday I’ll wear my Narnia necklace.

No, I’m not obsessed…

Blouse: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Shoes: Fluevog via eBay
Bracelet: Gift
Nail Polish: none at the moment!
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Lil Angel

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