Tuesday’s Ten: OPI Mini Goodness!

I used to never worry about painting my nails. I did it periodically in middle school, mostly just super crazy colors, but when I got into high school I started cheerleading, and we couldn’t have our nails painted. So I just stopped thinking about it and left my nails bare. And I chewed on them. I didn’t bite them, I just chewed on them. Ew, Caitlin. Bad.

I got my first (and only!) professional manicure in 2009, when I played Miriam Goldman in Beau Jest and my director asked me to get a manicure. I loved it. It was just a basic French mani, but it was the prettiest my nails ever looked. I started covering them with a clear nail care polish and stopped nibbling at them quite so much, and again, that was it.

And then I recently discovered OPI.


I am a woman obsessed. It’s insane. I went from never painting my nails to changing the color at least twice a week. It’s amazing. And now there’s an app. Did you know there’s an OPI app? Because there is, and it’s amazing.

I’m mostly trying to collect a ton of colors, rather than a lot of full-size bottles, so thank my lucky stars there’s lots of mini sets available! I’ve been ordering them on eBay, and I’m already poking around Pinterest for ideas on storing them…

#1: Alice in Wonderland

I’m not even a fan of Tim Burton’s Alice (I thought it was boring and uninspired, but that’s another story) but I love the polishes, especially Thanks So Muchness! However, this set is super impossible to find, and when you can find it, it’s super expensive. Sad day.

#2: Glee

Okay, if you’re surprised by this one, clearly you don’t know me well. Come on! It’s nail polish! And Glee! Nail polish about Glee!

Also not surprising, this one is currently being shipped to me. Hurray!

#3: Burlesque

I actually saw this movie (it was on TV and I was bored and…well, I’m sure you’ve watched plenty of trashy movie selections in your day too). I’m happy to report that the nail polish is a million times better than the movie.

I’m actually wearing the color on the far left right now- Rising Star. It’s a super pretty pumpkin-y gold shade. I’m really excited about trying Ali’s Big Break (the one on the far right) next.

#4: Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate themed nail polishes in quirky pastels? I’m all over that! The one from this collection I want the most, however, is Mermaid’s Tears- a pretty pale aqua. I might have to buy the full size bottle…

#5: Muppets

Two things I love: Muppets and glitter polish. Again, though, I really want a color not included with the minis- Fresh Frog of Bel-Air, a green and silver glitter.

#6: Nicki Minaj

I’m a little skurred to put the lime green Did It On Em on my nails (will it look pretty or like a nail fungus? Maybe a pretty nail fungus?) but I’m really excited about Fly and Pink Friday.

#7: The Amazing Spiderman

Okay, I would have gotten this just because it’s Spiderman (confession: I love Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker a MILLION TRILLION times more than Tobey Maguire’s) but gaaaaah, Just Spotted the Lizard is gorgeous.

#8: Betsey Johnson




#9: Katy Perry

I have a confession to make.

I love Katy Perry.

I adore her. She is my favorite musical guilty pleasure. Her SNL episode has been watched in this house multiple times. I own all her albums (even her gospel one, which is terrible).

And I not only have her OPI colors…I bought them all full size.


#10: NYC Ballet

Even before I got into OPI I kind of wanted these. I’m a sucker for ballerina-y things, and these soft shades are so feminine and pretty. And the Pirouette My Whistle one sparkles. SPARKLES.

So have any OPI mini sets caught your eye?

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