Things I Love Thursday: the Modcloth 70% Off Sale

Like about eighty bajillion other people in this world, I’m slightly obsessed with Modcloth. It’s full of adorable things, especially dresses. It’s also often out of my price range.

But twice a year there is a beautiful, momentous, wondrous occasion- the 70% off sale. I watch for it like a hawk, and immediately purchase as many things as can fit into my budget. It’s the best way to buy Modcloth items and save. Last sale I bought three dresses, a skirt, a bag, and a cardigan for $96- and saved $230!

This year wasn’t quite as momentous, but I still got a lot of pieces that I’m really excited about.

Carnival You Could Want Dress: originally $49.99, paid $14.99

I really adore this dress! It’s a super soft knit, and the chevron pattern makes it really flattering. The brand (Monteau) is one I’ve heard of before, but never purchased- and now I might be in love. Oops.

Looks Like Fun leggings in Red: originally $27.99, paid $7.99

(All right, who pays $27.99 for leggings? That’s what I want to know.)

I’m a huge sucker for leggings- my standard winter outfit is a dress, leggings or tights, and a cardigan. I’m really excited about these because, with my current weight loss, I might be able to pull off wearing these with a hip-length tunic or cardigan. I think it’s a super cute style but I’ve never felt good enough about myself to wear it. These leggings are thick but not bulky, and come on, they’re red. Red leggings are awesome.

Bud-Slide Leggings: originally $29.99, paid $8.99

These will be great to liven up a solid color dress in the wintertime, and they’ll transition into spring really well too! The fabric is slightly itchy, but hopefully it’s only textured on the outside.

Wildflower Child Leggings: originally $29.99, paid $8.99

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really love leggings.

Steps in a Stylish Direction Sandal in Musical: originally $32.99, paid $9.99

These are probably going to be stashed away and saved for spring, but I just couldn’t say no to them. They have that adorable late 1950s musical vibe- I feel like I ought to sashay down the streets of Paris with Gene Kelly. They’re a bit slippy on the bottom, but a little hairspray and sandpaper ought to do the trick.

The Bells of London, Ohio Dress: originally $129.99, paid $38.99

This was my biggest splurge. At $38.99, it was almost the same as a full price Modcloth dress. But it’s from a brand I’ve admired for a long time (Dear Creatures), I know it’s really good quality, I’ve seen it on other fashion bloggers and thought it was adorable, and…and…I just really wanted it, okay?!

So I purchased it. And I love it. The reviews said the sizing ran a little funny, and since this dress was nearly out of stock and wouldn’t be able to be exchanged or returned, I bought it in a size larger. Turns out it fits in the waist without being tight and is a little big in the shoulders and armscye, but nothing too terrible that can’t be altered. I’ll give it a wash and see if it shrinks at all; if not I’ll take it in a wee bit.

So what was my total cost?

Full Price Total: $300.94

What I Paid: $89.94

Total Saved: $211

I’d say this shopping trip was definitely worth it!

Now to save my money before the January 70% off sale…

Want to make a Modcloth purchase of your own? Click here! You’ll save $20 if you make a purchase of $50 or more before October 2nd- and it’ll give me a $20 credit too!

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