Bright Colors!


I usually don’t wear a wide variety of colors- I usually stick to browns, blues, reds, and yellows- but Iately I’ve been trying to branch out. This purple knit dress is super comfy, but shows off way too much boob when I wear it alone! So in the summer I’ll wear it on its own, but for school it’ll have to be a jumper, or at least have to be worn with a very concealing cardigan.

These are pretty much my favorite flats. They get a combination of praise and funny looks every time I wear them out, but still. I love them, and I’ve been trying to find outfits that match them. Not always successful, but you know.

I wanted to do something cuter with my hair, but I ended up just going for a wavy ponytail. And I tried something new with it. I was disheartened by how thin and flat it looked around the elastic, so I teased it. AND VOILA. SO much better. Maybe that’s why I look so sassy in this picture.

I wore this for another day without my high school students, but I ended up subbing for the 8th grade Bible class in the morning. I have to say that few things make me happier than getting ready to sub for a class and watching the students cheer and hug me when they realize I’m their sub for the day.

I chose to wear purple mostly because it was Wear Purple Day. I’m not really one for big political statements, but I do believe that nobody should be bullied, especially to the point of taking their own life, and most especially not because of their sexual orientation. My work environment is not exactly friendly to such ideals, but I wore purple anyway, as a quiet stand of support. And least one student realized it, and told me very emphatically that she was glad I was wearing it. So if I can be a support for my students, that’s all that matters.

Dress: Forever 21 via eBay
Tee: Target
Shoes: Jeremy Scott for Adidas via Ross
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via eBay

Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie layered over OPI Burlesque Ali’s Big Break
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Super G

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