Things I Love Thursday

  • Glee comes back on tonight! I’m so exited! The fourth season is probably going to be just as terrible as seasons 2 and 3…but as long as Chris Colfer is on, I’ll watch it.
  • I finally found a pair of knee-high brown boots that fit over my massive cheerleader calves! It’s only taken two years to find them (and in my price range). Now, for it to get cold enough…
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is coming up! I can’t go, but hopefully my sister and I can recreate some of the magic at home.
  • Swagbucks! It’s like Neopets for grown-ups, without the pet nagging at you to feed it and junk.
  • Jim and Nicks is officially my new favorite restaurant. It’s an amazing local barbecue place that makes everything fresh there. They don’t even have a freezer. I went there with my parents on Saturday night, and it was amazing. Especially the coconut cream pie. OMG PIE.
  • Having my own bubble to work in at school. I have the library all to myself, and a big amazing desk and a big Mac desktop, and no one ever bothers me, and because I’m only a part-time teacher with an elective, I’m not obligated to do lunch duty or traffic duty or anything like that. I love it.!

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