Retro Beauty


This dress makes me feel lovely. I don’t know if it’s the demure style, or the grown-up colors, or the fact that the first time I tried it on I couldn’t get it to button, the second time it fit, and the third time it fit even better, but I really love it.

I had to go to a TACS educator’s conference. As you’ve probably guessed, it was SO BORING. And since it’s the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools, the dress code is super modest. And, I mean, it’s not like I dress like Whorey McSlutSlut, but I have a lot of boob and tend to wear above-the-knee skirts. This dress, with its ladylike neckline and longer skirt, worked perfectly- although next time I think I’ll wear a cami, because if you saw me at juuuust the right side angle you could see some boob lines. OH WELL. GOLD STAR FOR TRYING, RIGHT?

Also, my hair looked better as the day went on. It was still kind of wet and frizzy at this point, and oops, the headband is the wrong shade of navy, but oh well. It softened and got prettier later.

Also, I had delicious Mexican food.

Dress: Forever 21 via eBay
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source (kid’s department)
Headband: Goody’s

Nail Polish: none!
Perfume of the Day: Miss Dior Cherie

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