I Just Feel Lovely


I just really loved this outfit today. I felt lovely and feminine and graceful and charming…all things that I never dreamed of feeling just a few months ago. I think this dress is magical. And pairing it with a long-wanted lace top and dainty little T-straps was just sort of the icing on the fancy cake, I suppose.

This was a really, really long day. I wrestled with my library, I taught my theatre arts kiddos (last day before fall break, so no one wanted to do anything!), directed Narnia rehearsal and prepared for tomorrow’s ridiculous Saturday rehearsal, went to see a best friend’s performance (one of her last before she moves back home to Texas!), and then went downtown for drinks at the Flying Saucer with Erin and her beau. So a long day, but I felt adorable all day- and thankfully wore flats!

Dress: Dear Creatures from Modcloth
Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Blowfish via eBay

Nail Polish: Sephora by OPI Glee Express Yourself to Yourself
Perfume of the Day: Vera Wang Glam Princess

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