Tuesday’s Ten: fall break highlights

I just finished fall break, and oh my, it was glorious! It was an entire week of vegging out and being ridiculously, happily lazy. It was marvelous.

#1: I watched the entire third season of Toddlers and Tiaras on Netflix. P ran away every time it was on. And then my mother showed me this, and I died laughing.

#2: I made all sorts of delicious things- coconut curry chicken, white chicken and artichoke lasagna, peach cobbler. I haven’t enjoyed cooking in ages and it was fantastic.

#3: My friend Meg was in town from Pennsylvania and we got to spend a lot of time together! We basically just talked and talked and talked for hours. It was fantastic.

#4: I got my first coffee of the fall- salted caramel mocha! So good. Mmmm…

#5: My husband got me the first season of Pushing Daisies on DVD! I love that show so much, and he surprised me by hunting all over till he found it.

#6: I had quality cuddle time with my kitten! He was not nearly as amused as I was.

#7: I got pretty much all of the fabric I need for the Narnia costumes- and thankfully I don’t have to make too many, unlike the spring show!

#8: I ate all the food. ALL THE FOOD. I usually don’t have time to eat anything substantial during the school week, so it was awesome to stuff my face- especially when my husband kept surprising me with breakfast foods!

#9: I broke my self-imposed shopping ban to buy a red dress to wear on Thanksgiving and a brown purse. Which I needed. So it’s okay to break the ban, right? Right? Probably not, but oh well.

#10: I dyed my hair and it’s GLORIOUS. I feel like the Little Mermaid!

Now I just need to wait until Thanksgiving break. And by then Narnia will be over and my stress will be done! I can focus on fixing up the library, and it’ll be awesome.

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