Tuesday’s Ten: Sewing Frenzy!

I have to sew All the Things for Narnia.

Lucky for me, not only has Simplicity come out with a whole slew of patterns that I can use, but JoAnn’s had them on sale for $.99! SCORE.

#1, 2, and 3: Simplicity 1771

I’m making a modified view A dress for Mrs. Beaver- the skirt isn’t nearly as full, and because of the actress’s height, I’m adding a ruffle on the hem. It’s a combination of a brown gingham, red stripe, and a yet-to-be-determined accent color, as well as a yellow and brown daisy trim on the bodice.

I’m also making the cloak for Lucy (and then saving it for myself!)

#4: Simplicity 1737

I’m making this for the White Witch- but in white, obviously. The overlay is going be sheer with silver snowflakes on it, and I think it’s going to look AMAZING!

#5, 6, and 7: New Look 6872

This is my all-time favorite pattern for a gathered skirt. I’m making three- one in navy floral for Susan, one in a gray, black, and yellow print for a member of the Witch’s Army, and one in red gingham for a follower of Aslan.

#8 and 9: Simplicity 2072

Yes, I’m using a slutty Halloween costume pattern. Don’t worry, I’m not dressing my students up like trollops! I’m using the basic dress pattern for the White Stag, although longer and without a bubble hem, and the sailor jacket pattern for Lucy. Lucy seems like the type for a sailor dress, doesn’t she?

#10: Simplicity 1873

And this is the dress that Lucy’s wearing with her sweet little sailor jacket. It’s such a lovely, simple pattern, especially with the full skirt, and when it’s done and she has all the accessories, it’s going to be adorable.

But that’s only part of the sewing list I’ve got! Stay tuned for more…

…and hopefully some progress shots soon!

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