Tuesday’s Ten: Halloween Candy Edition!

Halloween is tomorrow! Hurray!

We never really did Halloween when I was little. I dressed up when I was four (Marist College cheerleader- my grandfather was the college president and sent me a little uniform and a pompom as a present) and when I was five (ballerina princess- I couldn’t decide, so I was both). And then my parents decided that Halloween was evil and we should celebrate NO MORE.

Ironically, I met my husband at a Halloween party my senior year of high school.

Anyways, between my parents majorly easing up, being in my twenties and free to dress up if I so choose, and a sister obsessed with Tim Burton movies and cosplay (and often Tim Burton cosplays), Halloween is a much more relaxed occasion. I have two costumes lined up- I’m going to be Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls at school, and then I’m going to be Coraline while I hand out candy.

Which…THAT IS THE BEST PART OF HALLOWEEN. Right after dressing up, because I LOVE any excuse for dressing up. Next year, when P and I are in a house again, I’m totally going to have a fancy dress up party.

But yeah. Candy!

Here’s the best options that I look for in Halloween treats:

#1: 3 Musketeers bars

#2: Twix

#3: Those little packets of M&Ms

#4: Milky Ways


#6: Krackel bars (Crunch bars are okay, but Krackels are better.)

#7: Anything dark chocolate

#8: Actually, chocolate’s pretty good. Unless it’s the weird store brand unlabeled stuff, because ew.

#9: ANYTHING FULL SIZE INSTEAD OF MINIATURE. It’s like hitting the frickin’ jackpot, man.

#10: Runts. You know, those little fruit-shaped candies from vending machines that don’t taste like fruit at all? Yeah, those are good.

And here, as a bonus, ten things that NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE, wants to get in their little plastic jack o’ lantern candy bucket things, SO FOR THE LOVE OF MERCY STOP HANDING THEM OUT, PEOPLE.

#1: Circus peanuts.

#2: Necco wafers

#3: Boxes of raisins

#4: Candy leftover from last Halloween

#5: Sugar Daddies

#6: Flavored Tootsie rolls

#7: Laffy Taffy

#8: Weird off brand Walgreens candy

#9: Any kind of licorice that is not Twizzlers

#10: Anything banana flavored.

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