Birchbox July 2012: Harvey Prince Eau Flirt

From the Birchbox description:

Though it feels carefree, this scent has been meticulously calibrated to turn up the heat. It combines pumpkin and lavender, two seemingly ill-matched notes that have been clinically proven to spur passionate reactions in men. Olfactory theory aside, we love the combination of seductive jasmine and freesia with sumptuous nutmeg, cinnamon, and amber.


Well, I’m not too sure if I can smell pumpkin. What does…what does actual pumpkin smell like, anyway? Because when I think pumpkin, I think of pumpkin pie, and this definitely does not smell like pumpkin pie. But anyways. It smells good! Very fresh, with a zippy kind of undertone.

(Note to self: do not go into the business of professionally reviewing perfumes.)


The real packaging is super cute and makes me think of the 1950s Bewitched TV series, but the sample I got in my box is…well, dinky, for lack of a more eloquent term. It’s a tube with a cap. Not even a spritz top. Just a cap. The second time I used it, I ended up splortching perfume all over my arms. Oops.


I like it, but $98 for the full-sized bottle is a wee bit much for my taste. So no purchase.

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