…wait are you serious. I made more money than you at my shitty summer job at a university lab which was basically washing glassware and holding things for people. $10 per hour. How. Why. AGH.


In each pay period I:

-tutor (10 hours)

-work the afterschool care program (13 hours)

-assist the music teacher (6 hours)

-teach my theater arts class (10 hours)

-work in the library (10 hours)

This comes out to 53 hours of work per pay period.

So yeah, a bit less than $5 an hour.

This does not include rehearsals, which is between 6 and 9 additional hours per week (or 12 to 18 hours per pay period). I am not paid for directing, as it is assumed to be part of my theatre arts class. Oh, and that doesn’t include the Saturday rehearsals.

If I added in the rehearsal time to include hours I actually work, I would make about $4 an hour.


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