I have a question re: your outfits. Is there a reason you wear t-shirts under dresses all the time? Like do you have a work dress code or something? Because obviously I understand needing to look “decent” for work but I feel like the t-shirt/dress combo is what makes you look really young when you dress and if you wore a cardigan or a blazer over dresses so you don’t show too much skin you’d look a lot more teacher-like, you know?

That’s pretty much it. :/ The dress code is super strict. I get in trouble for my skirt lengths a lot (apparently I’m a brazen hussy tempting the young men to sin.)

(I accidentally typed that as “sing.” Which would be a completely different story.)

I usually do cardigans when it’s cooler, but those make me look like Rachel Berry. And blazers make my boobs look pornographic.


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