So does your email mean that you’ve definitely got a place at Disney? And if you enjoyed it so much why did you leave in the first place?

Well, originally I left full time work because I was there as part of the Disney College Program. My intention was to go seasonal, finish out my last semester of college, graduate, get married, and then feel around our options to see if I could go back full time. But when I graduated, they took away my status as a college program representative, and when they did that…they accidentally took away my seasonal status. I didn’t even know until I called to schedule a shift.

I thought about applying to go back, but I ended up getting my seamstress job, and then my tutoring job, and then I *thought* that “oh, teaching is a real job, I should just work really hard until they give me a teaching job.”

And I got it, and y’all know how well that turned out.


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