Can I ask you a question? What was the most annoying thing about being a teacher? I’m considering it but my teachers were always complaining about how poor they are and about parents being irritating.

The faculty. That was seriously the worst part for me. The headmaster was a stingy and heartless jerk with a perma-smile, most of the other teachers treated me like crap, and the teachers who were kind to me didn’t have much power to help me improve how I was doing at the school.

If you’re in a job you truly love, you can deal with some of the difficulties it gives you. Like right now I deal with grumpy tourists and the heat but I love Disney so much and there’s so much potential for me and I’m so happy to be here. With teaching, I adored my kids but hated every single other aspect of the job. So for me, it wasn’t worth it. But you never know- maybe teaching will be the right place for you!

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