this one time at Star Tours…

I was at boarding and this little girl came through bawling. I was like “are you okay, princess?” And she ran and threw her arms around my waist and sobbed “I AM SCARED OF THE ROBOTS!!”

All I could do was think “you are in the wrong ride, sweet pea” but I didn’t say that…I told them to ask for a farther back row so she wasn’t sitting directly in front of C3-PO.

this one time at Star Tours…

A dad told me he’d see me in hell because his child was too short to ride. He legit started walking in, dragging the kid, and I had to walk backwards holding my hand up in front of me like “SIR YOU CANNOT ENTER.”

Why do people value their child going on a ride more than the safety of their child? Why.

Remind me to tell you the baby under seat story sometime.