I actually think you have extremely gorgeous eyes *.* (also hi yes i used to talk to you on my old blog but then i switched and stuff)

Ugggh, I’m just so self conscious about my face!! When I was sixteen I got contacts for the first time the guy fitting me was like “wow, your eyes are really small” so I try to make them look…not really small.

And along the same lines, I’m even more self conscious about my chin, because when I was eleven I was getting braces and the orthodontist was showing me photoshopped pictures of what I would look like when I got them off and then showed me one last picture and was like “and that’s what you’ll look like when you’re sixteen and old enough to get that chin of yours fixed!” I just sat there in stunned silence because I never thought there was anything wrong with it in the first place, and now I live to hide my Simpsons chin.

That’s part of my goal for this new direction for my blog, though. I’ve spent my whole life hating my eyes and chin and face and weight and personality and pretty much everything about myself. I have the self esteem of a box turtle, and I don’t like living like that. So learning to put on makeup- and how to go without it- and how to do my hair and how to dress in a way that I like are all a small part of that. And learning to enjoy my old hobbies again, and learning how to live a healthier life, and learning how to make and keep friends (because HOW, oh my god, it’s so hard, and I’m so awkward. On a slightly related tangential note, I thought a casual friend that I’d really like to be a good friend with was going to ask me to hang out, but then she finished the conversation by saying that she and another casual friend that I’d like to be good friends with we’re going to hang out and heavily implied that I wasn’t invited and I was just like INITIATE HURT FEELINGS MODE LEVEL ALPHA and seriously, are adults supposed to have these kinds of problems?? I thought I was supposed to grow out of them.)


Tl;dr: I hate everything about myself and this blog is my way of encouraging myself. And also to reblog ridiculous cat pictures.

And on ANOTHER unrelated tangential note, what was your old blog, friend?? LET’S BE FRIENDS. I’M ONLY MILDLY AWKWARD.

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