in which I accidentally get sassy with guests

So this guy and his wife scanned their fastpasses and then stood there blocking the entrance because they were waiting for the rest of their family. After five minutes I told them to either keep moving forward or step aside to wait for their family. The guy refuses, so I repeat it. He says “no, no, no” and holds up a “one minute” finger directly in my face. I repeat the request, and he starts yelling and tells me to shut up. I tell him “don’t tell me to shut up, sir, I am doing my job” and he continues to yell. I repeat both requests AGAIN and He finally moves forward in the line (I’m scanning fastpasses and people are trying to get past him through all of this) and then runs back in.

“What your name? Kate-leen?”

And at this point, I am ten kinds of Not Having It, so as he runs away I call “THAT IS NOT MY NAME, SIR. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU PRONOUNCE IT.”


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