Cinderella pieces are cut!

I firmly believe in the art of frankensteining- mixing and matching pattern pieces to assemble the desired piece. So this is a combination of three different patterns, plus some of my own calculations!

Simplicity 1873 view C bodice front (2)

Simplicity 1873 view C bodice back (4)

Simplicity 4236 view A skirt (1 on fold, 2 on selvage) (it’s just a circle skirt piece, so you can find tutorials pretty easily)

Simplicity 2443 sleeve (2) (although any basic sleeve piece will work; I just grabbed the nearest pattern)

4 pocket pieces (I don’t even know what pattern it’s from. I just keep a pocket pattern piece in my sewing kit in case of pocket emergencies.)

1 apron skirt: fabric width by 15"

1 apron waistband: waist measurement by 5"

2 apron waist ties: fabric width by 5"

And also a cat. Thanks, Hiccup.

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