Also purple :)

Purple is ten facts about my room!

-There is a chocolate ice cream mark on my comforter and it bothers me.

-I have my tiaras in display. I have a lot. A LOT.

-I have a giant whiteboard. I took it from my classroom when I quit teaching because my students got it for me when the school refused to get me one and I’ll be damned before they got to keep it.

-I have an empty Bath and Body Works box on the floor for the sole purpose of Hiccup’s enjoyment. He loves boxes. It’s a problem.

-I have a giant makeup collection completely organized on my dresser and yet I only use the same items every day.

-I have a whole set of art nouveau princess prints I haven’t put up yet. I’ve lived here for a year.

-I have white twinkly lights everywhere.

-I also have three different candles, in case I want to change scents.

-My room is boring.

-I tried hanging up my pin collection on cork boards and they keep falling off the wall.

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