this is the story of how I died

So real talk. I was so excited about my young Elsa dress (clearly). I put a lot of effort in it in a very short amount of time and I love how it turned out.

Nobody knew who I was.

Most people called me “Blonde Anna” or “Blonde Belle.”

I was actually a bit upset.

But we went to see Anna and Elsa.

I walked in and Elsa wasn’t with anyone yet, so she was smiling to everyone coming in, and when she saw me she paused and then smiled really big and I was like “OH BOY” and for some reason got both excited and scared. I’m a mess.

Well, I go up to see Anna first, and she stopped, stared at me, screamed “ELSA!!!”, and then she GRABBED ME BY MY HANDS AND STARTED SPINNING ME IN CIRCLES.

I am not nearly as graceful, so I just sort of clumped around, grinning like an idiot, and then realized that crap I am probably going to bounce my wig right off my head. Which meant that when Anna stopped and said super happily “you look just like my sister Elsa did when she was little!” I ended up blurting out “but I’m not really blonde and I might bounce my hair off!” like an awkward weirdo.

I am still mad at myself for saying that. I’m stupid. Hopefully Anna didn’t think I was stupid. She just laughed. I’m scared it came out as a yell.

So then the rest of the meet and greet I was mentally yelling at myself for being a weirdo, but Anna was just so sweet and so happy to see me and gave me like twelve huge hugs and I just want to say thank you and sorry for being an awkward weirdo.

And then when we walked over to Elsa, Anna shouted “Elsa, she looks just like you when you were little!” and Elsa was super happy and told me it was like looking in a mirror and chatted with me for a little bit, and then she asked me about gloves, and she told me not conceal anymore, so I said I would take off my gloves just for her and she was like “yes, you should do that.” And when we left she gave me a big hug and said “goodbye, little Elsa” and I thought my face was going to split in two, I was smiling so hard.

So the pictures of me are not very flattering, what with me smiling like a derp and my wig nearly bounced off, and I was super awkward and shy with my interactions, but oh my goodness, those ladies totally made my night.

I kind of want to do another Not So Scary as young Elsa for a couple of reasons:

-I want daylight pictures of my costume.

-I still haven’t gotten a pumpkin spice waffle sundae.

-I’m going to buy a damn wig cap and strap that wig to my head like I’m going out of the atmosphere.

-I’m going to smile like a human in pictures.


So who wants to come with me??

leave some love!

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