Every 5th question :)

#1: What’s your middle name?

Elizabeth, which I vastly prefer to my first name. In all honesty, I would rather use Elizabeth as my first name, and then use Elsa or Elle as my nickname.

#5: What’s your favorite color?

Blush pink

#10: What shoe size are you?

Like a 6 and a half…but I can also wear kids’ shoes. It’s slightly embarrassing. But also cheaper.

#15: Favorite song?

It changes! But at the moment it’s “King of Anything” by Sara Bareilles. It’s a great car singalong song.

#20: Are you religious?

I used to be; now I consider myself a lapsed Protestant.

#25: What color socks are you wearing?


#30: How many pillows do you sleep with?

Just one.

#35: Have you ever tried archery?

One time I used a paintball slingshot and I stepped on a rusty nail and it was Christmas Eve and I cried because I thought I would have to go to the ER and ruin everyone’s Christmas.

#40: Have you ever had a secret admirer?

I did in the sixth grade, when I was at my worst ugly duckling stage. I was so excited. They left index card notes inside my books.

Turns out it was a classmate’s older sister who wanted to fuck with the loser in her brother’s class.

I cried for days.

#45: What is your favorite accent?

To listen to? Irish and Scottish accents. To do myself? Southern. I have an amazing southern accent. I even did a whole show like that once.

#50: Left or right handed?


#55: Most used phrase?

“For reals!!!!!!!!”

#60: Do you talk to yourself?

Dear god, yes. All the time.

#65: Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?

Pan’s Labyrinth

#70: Have you ever been scuba diving?

Nope, and I would be terrible at it. I don’t swim so much as I flounder.

#75: Have you ever started a rumor?

When I was in kindergarten I told everyone I was a tap dancer. And also that I was a mermaid on the weekends. BUT ONLY WEEKENDS THAT’S WHY YOU CAN’T SEE MY FINS.

#80: How many piercings do you have?

I got my ears pierced when I was fourteen. But I accidentally fucked them up (that’s a good story…) and I never wear earrings, so…I might as well have no piercings.

#85: What color are your eyes?

Bluish grayish goldish nonsense.

#90: What makes you angry?


#95: What are your weaknesses?


#100: Color of your room?

White, blush pink, and gray

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