“Why the Andy Samberg face, Caitlin?” you might ask. Because I thought I was working GMR and was not prepared for the spaceport. Also did not have coffee this morning. But a little boy gave me a nickel. He said it was a tip for a good flight. So there’s that. (at Star Tours: The Adventures Continue)

Reblogging to add that I got to chat with Jedi Kristoff tonight. SO ADORABLE. We had a weird handwritten rotation that made it look like another spaceport agent was going to go to “cats,” and we were like “oh, so he’s going to be in the musical,” and Jedi Kristoff was like “you should launch all your cabins talking like Daniel Tiger from Mr. Rogers” and I was like “or like cat-Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove!” and I quoted one of the lines and he was like “that was really good!” and long story short this is about how I started quoting Emperor’s New Groove with a Jedi Master who looks like Kristoff Bjorgman. Also, every time a guest walked by he would put on his Jedi face and be all like “safe travels, friends” and it was adorable. I hope he’s single because I want to marry him.

Also I was SO NOT prepared to work Star Tours today. Every time I walked into my cabin I had to make sure to not say my dock spiel.

I think I know which Jedi you’re talking about. Because there’s literally only one hot Jedi. Who I lovingly refer to as Hot Jedi. You may have a fight for him but as I’m leaving, I’ll concede.

Jedi Kristoff is new!!! Jedi McHeyyyyy is the original cute one. You can have him. 😛

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