(….six weeks is kinda too young to be separated, why was he so young and away from his mommy? kittens should be 12 weeks old? what kind of people had him before, sounds odd…)

Well, first there was the original owner. I know nothing about them except that they had the mama cat.

And then the first person to take him was a coworker who decided that she should get her son kittens as an Easter present. So she got him Hiccup (who she named Fitzgerald) and his sister Callie. After a week or so, she realized that #1, she hates cats, and #2, her LESS THAN A YEAR OLD SON was allergic. (Why did she get him two kittens as a present??) So she walked into the breakroom with the two kittens in a box, said “whoever wants them can have them,” put them on the table, and walked away.

Callie was claimed first, and a different coworker took Fitzgerald (and named him Oscar). Then she realized that because she had just adopted a new puppy, the puppy thought Oscar was a chew toy. She had to lock Oscar in the bathroom all day while she was at work to keep them separated. So she only had him for a few days before she was like “I heard you like cats, do you want this one?”

So yeah.

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