What does one wear to audition for a musical? Spare no details (if you don’t mind) – everything from hair and makeup to shoes! Any advice would be spectacular!



Wear something that makes you look put-together but feels comfortable. You want to look nice, but you want to be able to A) not worry about how your clothes make you feel, B) be able to draw deep breaths while singing, and C) be able to move in easily in case you have to do any kind of choreography. A knit dress with tights is always a good choice, especially if they’re in solid colors.

You can also HINT at the character you’re auditioning for. For instance, if you’re auditioning for Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, wear a hint of leopard print (like a scarf or shoes). Would you show up in full-on leopard print with teased hair and heavy makeup? NOPE! You never want to show up in costume. The directors want to see you.

My current favorite audition dress is this one (which is sold out, but you can find similar ones).

It’s simple, it’s classic, it’s easy to move in. Hurray!

A lot of people debate about whether you should wear flats or heels, but I personally say go for whatever makes you feel the best. It also depends on what you’re auditioning for- if you’re going for Marcy in 25th Annual, high heels would be bizarre, but they’d be amazing if you’re going for Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. But if you wear high heels, bring a pair of backup flats, just in case.

And if you have any jewelry, keep it to a minimum! You should be making a statement, not your necklace.


Keep your hair out of your eyes. That’s the biggest thing. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of your monologue or your cut and have to keep pushing your hair out of your eyes.

I also don’t think now is the time to try elaborate updos or fancy braids. Again, the directors want to see you. So keeping your hair simple, whether it’s down with a headband or in a ponytail or up in a bun, is your safest bet. And if you’re going to be dancing for the audition, you definitely want your hair pulled back. A mouthful of hair mid-pirouette ain’t pretty.


More of the same tips- keep it simple! Use a foundation that will even out your complexion but not give you pancake face (my personal favorite is the Maybelline Dream BB cream) and a good concealer, plus a powder if you have a tendency to get shiny. A neutral eye without a lot of sparkle is good but necessary, but you should at least darken your upper lash line and use mascara. No false lashes, though, that would be too much! If you use blush, use something that gives you a natural I-just-came-in-from-the-cold color (for me that’s Nyx’s Mauve powder blush, but I highly recommend using a tint like Benefit’s Benetint). For lip colors, something that’s your-lips-but-better (I use Revlon’s lip balm stain in Honey) is the best choice. Lip gloss is going to end up being too sticky most of the time, and red lips are best if you’re auditioning for someone who would wear red lipstick.

If You’re Going to Dance:

First, read the audition notice carefully. If they specify they want tap, bring tap shoes. If they want character, bring character. If they want ballet…you get the picture.

Bring your shoes with you and change when you get to the audition, so make sure you’ve also packed the appropriate socks/tights.

And you’ll want to make sure your outfit is appropriate for dancing. Don’t be showing up in no skinny jeans and Toms.


You should ask me all the theatre questions!!!

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