For that letters ask: SAR(A)-(R)EN(EE) (E)Li(SA)B(E)TH. For the repeat letters you can do ones of your choice if you want. I don’t actually know what questions these correspond too, I just wanted to spell my name.

S: What’s my ringtone?

At the moment, it’s the iPhone default, but the best ringtone I’ve ever had was the scene from Glee where Kurt throws up on Emma’s shoes. Like literally that was my ringtone.

A: Age?

27, and I’m in deep denial about it.

R: Last movie I watched?

Big Hero 6!

E: Religion?

Lapsed Protestant?

N: Favorite day of the year?

My birthday- Valentine’s Day!

L: Favorite band/singer?

Florence + the Machine is a love forever.

I: Eye color?

Bluish grayish greenish. With a bit of amber. Basically they’re just sort of puddles.

B: Where I’m from?

Born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky, moved to Tennessee, and now I’m in Florida.

T: Favorite male character from a TV show?

H: Favorite book?


I’m going to go with Little Women, because I can read that a million times in a row.

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