it is only 10 in the morning and already:


-I’ve done three shows (plus two dead ones, but that doesn’t count)

-someone has barfed

-the people in my row one made fun of me for the entirety of my show

-the people in my row twelve liked me so much they took a selfie with me


it is now 2:25 in the afternoon and:

-I have done seven shows

-a guest jumped off a vehicle and ran down the track

-we have a 75 minute wait

-another group in rows 2 and 3 made fun of me for the whole show. Listen, y’all, I don’t speak Spanish but I know when I’m being teased.

-a lady in row two sucked on her dentures for the entire show and I nearly code V’d.

-a bunch of kids started banging on an emergency exit door, that incidentally leads to our break room, so Sean banged back and made a baby cry in terror.

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