Why don’t you like your name?

#1: Caitlin is perpetually misspelled. I get Ks, Ys, Is, double Ns, hyphens…sometimes Hs, which I really don’t understand. And a D a couple of times. Like really…Caitlin. It’s Caitlin.

#2: It rhymes with my last name. I’m like Daisy-Head Maizy or Cindy-Lou Who. It’s the same pattern. I am apparently a Dr. Seuss character in disguise.

#3: The reason I got my name is STUPID. Because, see, my parents didn’t find out my gender till I was born, but they were pretty sure I was going to be a boy, so they were going to name me Charles Harrison, after Harrison Ford. I was almost named after Han Solo, y’all. Indiana Jones. How epic would that have been?

But no. They decided to pick a girl’s name at the last minute, so they got my first name from an 80s TV show called Airwolf. (My middle name is the same as my mom’s). So yeah. I was named after a random 80s TV character.

I wish I’d been named Harrison. I could be a pretty badass girl named Harrison, right??

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