Oh and for the meme: D, H, W.

D: If you had the choice of going without writing forever or going without dinner forever, which one would you choose?

Oh gosh. No. You don’t understand. I love dinner. I love dinner so much. It’s the best meal of the day. But…I wouldn’t be able to function if I couldn’t write. And I could function without dinner. So…dinner. But I’d probably have to start eating mashed potatoes for breakfast.

H: How long have you been writing?

I’d say since I was about sevenish? I used to make up very elaborate setups when I played with my toys, and I remember when it got to the point that I started writing them down. My first story that I clearly remember was about a girl named Christina who was in a wheelchair and these two brothers named Michael and Matthew were in love with her…but I spent more time describing Christina’s clothes than writing an actual story. I just really loved the clothing descriptions in my American Girl catalogs, okay?

W: What’s your biggest pet peeve in writing?

In my own writing? Repetition. I don’t like using the same phrases over and over again, or starting sentences with the same word.

In other people’s writing- beyond the normal grammar, spelling, etc.- I hate it when there’s no depth of character or character integrity. You can give me the coolest plot ever but if I don’t give a shit about your characters then I’m not going to give a shit about the plot.

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