get to know me!

I totally forgot that whiskeyramblings85 (whom I love and miss) had tagged me in this until mysecrethighway posted hers. I am the actual worst. But hey, I’ll do it now!!

Name: Caitlin (ugh)

Nickname: Elsa, Li’l Cathy, Munchkin, Mama Cake Pop

Birthday: February 14th

Gender: Female

Height: 5’2” (I AM SO TALL NOW OH MY GOD)

Favorite Color: blush pink

What time & date is it there: 8:57 1/15/15

Average hours of sleep I get a night: sevenish, usually? I like sleeping more, but life happens.

Lucky Number: 7 and 12

Last thing I googled was: “deadly nadder” because I’m writing my Hunger Games AU and I needed a visual reference for how Astrid’s costume would look for the tribute processional.

Most used phrase(s): “oh my lord” and “holy crap” and “bless your heart”

What I last said to a family member: “yeah, he spent my whole birthday in a snit.”

One place that makes me happy: my bedroom, now that I’m allowed to make it as pink and girly as I want it.

How many blankets I sleep under: at the moment…four. I am a delicate tropical flower.

Favorite Fictional Character: Hiccup, Kurt Hummel, Rapunzel, Anne Shirley

Favorite Beverage(s): At the moment it’s been my mocha swirl K-cups. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER.

Favorite food: biscuits

Last movie I watched in the cinema: Into the Woods (with the beautiful Carrie)

Dream vacation: honestly, I hate traveling, so I’d say just going to Nashville to visit my family. Or Disneyland

Dream Wedding: no clue, but I’ve already picked out my dresses

Dream pet: my little Hiccup bug is perfect for me

Dream job: the American J.K. Rowling

aww yiss.

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