Both @seaprincess91 and @skeaggy tagged me to list ten interesting things about myself, but I’ve been having trouble coming up with an interesting list!!! I’m a boring person. But here’s my attempt!! (1) I wasn’t allowed to watch Disney movies (among many other things) as a child. When I was fifteen I saw Little Mermaid for the first time and went to Disney World, and after that I was hooked. I did my first college program at GMR and my second at Sunset attractions. Clearly I was meant to be at Studios!!

(2) I received the offer at the end of my first program to become friends with Alice. Regrettably, I had to turn it down, but hopefully once I lose weight I can try again!!

(3) I stopped growing at the age of twelve, reaching the grand height of 4’11 ¾”, only to find out a few months ago that I had a latent growth spurt!! I am now a towering 5’2″.

(4) I taught myself to sew in college only because I wanted to make myself an Alice in Wonderland costume. Somehow that turned into a costuming scholarship and two and a half years working in bridal alterations.

(5) I was a teacher for two and a half years, primarily as a theater teacher. I miss all my kids!!

(6) When I was little I was obsessed with Little Women. I was so sure I was Jo. (Spoiler alert: I’m totally an Amy. Although my real fictional doppelgänger is Anne Shirley.)

(7) I’ve written a book that will probably never see the light of day. It’s so terrible!!

(8) When I was in kindergarten I accidentally murdered my ant farm.

(9) I called myself Kiki until I was three because it was too hard to say Caitlin. But if I’d been a boy I would have been named after Harrison Ford.

(10) I’ve been arachnophobic ever since I was fifteen and got a spider thrown in my mouth. (It was crunchy. I screamed. Then I cried.)

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