Aries: don’t be frustrated when you act without planning out details. you’re abnormally driven, but people learn best through experience. keep living your way.
Taurus: never forget that it’s your stubborn nature that keeps you fixed on a goal, long after others have given up.
Gemini: you’re not fake. you’re a chameleon and you can be ANYTHING you want. embrace it.
Cancer: if you’re moody, that’s only because you’re a psychic sponge. there’s nothing wrong with you. that’s a gift, use it to your advantage.
Leo: you have quite a reputation for being too prideful, but you’re so friendly, warm and generous, it’s really hard not to like you. there’s no reason for you to feel unloved.
Virgo: you’re not a “neat freak” and you don’t need to control everything at all times. you don’t even strive for perfection, you strive for EFFICIENCY.
Libra: don’t let anyone tell you you’re shallow or vapid. you’re the whole package: brains and beauty. honestly, you’re both pretty and smart asf.
Scorpio: keep aiming to achieve the greatest and don’t give up when the road gets tough. believe in yourself. you work better under pressure and uphill challenges.
Sagittarius: whoever says you need to stop being so blunt is lying. that honesty of yours is a beacon of light in confusing times.
Capricorn: never be ashamed of your pursuit of status or power. as long as you don’t compromise your integrity to get there, don’t settle for mediocrity. you can achieve it all.
Aquarius: you’re the one who has the faraway look, even if you feel cut off from others, don’t waste your brilliance. you don’t need to fit into the bland mold.
Pisces: it’s both a blessing and a curse to sense everything around you, but avoid just drifting: find your sense of purpose and make the world a better place.

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