the most hypocritical aspects of the signs

aries: hates the phrase “fight me” but still picks fights over every. damn. thing.
taurus: i can’t believe them but they judge stubborn people? really taurus? really?
gemini: wants people to be up front with them while being majorly passive aggressive
cancer: doesn’t want to deal with other people’s overemotional episodes while having them ALL THE TIME
leo: wants to be left alone & wants attention at the same time
virgo: hates when people complain, complains more than anyone
libra: wants people to be serious and IS NEVER SERIOUS
scorpio: gets annoyed by clinginess, is clingy af
sagittarius: likes to be the ~chill~ one but gets really upset over the strangest and most specific things
capricorn: won’t tell you their feelings for 10 billion years and pressure you to share yours
aquarius: worries about other people’s health and safety while constantly putting their own at risk
pisces: doesn’t like it when people can’t adapt to change but will hold a grudge like no other

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