the signs as “cliche characteristics” of TV show characters

Aries: the leader,or one in charge, who is strong for everyone else
Taurus: the quiet one: always contemplating how to kill the others if needed be
Gemini: the weak bitch who’s never down with what’s happening
Cancer: the badass who always looks semi pissed off
Leo: the one with an incredible physique
Virgo: the cute one who’s genuinely a good person all around
Libra: the sarcastic asshole who’s mostly quiet all the time
Scorpio: the one always questioning the leader and trying to become the leader themselves
Sagittarius: the one that no one expects to be intelligent, but usually is the smartest one there
Capricorn: the comic relief who uses their humor to hide that they’re dying inside
Aquarius: the cold detached one that’s actually a sweet, cutie patootie once they’ve trusted someone
Pisces: the hopeless romantic always looking for new love

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