ARIES: find a patch of sweet smelling grass to lay down in. breathe. you are what you love not who loves you. 

TAURUS: eat ice cream and make bad puns. try to taste the clouds, you can do everything if you just put some effort into it. 

GEMINI: create and don’t be afraid. you are a technological virtuoso. make yourself laugh more. 

CANCER: there is comfort at the bottom of the swimming pool. swim away from everything that makes you feel like you are drowning.

LEO: take care of yourself. eat fruits and sleep with stuffed animals. dream of flying, because you’re almost there. 

VIRGO: wear flowers in your hair and let strangers compliment you. you are beautiful. do what makes you feel alive. 

LIBRA: stay hydrated and buy things that lighten the burden on your shoulders. expel the feeling of anger from your system.

SCORPIO: kiss yourself cause you’re so pretty. go to a party and try not to get drunk. give the world a chance. 

SAGITTARIUS: look at the ink stains on your hands and know that you have worked yourself to where you are now. be proud. fall asleep to new music. everything is only going to get better from here. 

CAPRICORN: stay as bright as you are. you are a comet child. let your heart sing your favorite song, don’t be afraid of singing the words wrong. 

AQUARIUS: write out every bad thing of everyday. it won’t change anything but find solace in crumpled up paper and coffee stains. you must learn to move on. but it will be for the better. remember that. 

PISCES: count the candles on your birthday cake and know you are brighter and more brilliant than every single one of them. surround yourself with warm coffee and soft voices saying “i love you.” hold on to my hand, you are not lost.


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