mythical zodiac appearance

Aries: ram horns, youthful freckles, wide bright eyes
Taurus: septum piercing, unique coloured healthy hair, hard gazing eyes
Gemini: hair up, walks on air, smile that makes people stop in their path
Cancer: silver skin, clear eyes, small but dangerous
Leo: clear skin, leaves a trail of golden glitter,
Virgo: freckles on cheeks, flowers grow from skin
Libra: any blemish is actually a little pretty gemstone on their skin
Scorpio: deep red hypnotising eyes, a stinging tail appears if you piss them off
Sagittarius: stars fall from their hair, largest eyes
Capricorn: horns, you’ll never figure out what colour their eyes are
Aquarius: attractive but you can’t touch them coz they’re made of air
Pisces: their hair is flowing water and their words come out as dark matter

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