signs as Leslie Knope compliments


  • aries: you beautiful spinster
  • taurus: you beautiful, rule-breaking moth
  • gemini: you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish
  • cancer: you beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby
  • leo: beautiful unicorn nurse  
  • virgo: you devious bastard
  • libra: you are the most beautiful glowing sun goddess ever
  • scorpio: you poetic, noble land-mermaid
  • sagittarius: you are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox
  • capricorn: you tricky minx
  • aquarius: you perfect sunflower 
  • pisces: you beautiful tropical fish

At school


Aries : Always yelling 
Taurus : What the fuck am I doing here
Gemini : Has to leave the class because they’re laughing at their own joke
Cancer : Eating in class
Leo : How about no
Virgo : Good grades, hiding a machete in their bag probably
Libra : Never does their homework
Scorpio : Looks like they’re ready to murder everyone
Sagittarius : Procrastinates until the end of time
Capricorn : Thinks they’re the teacher
Aquarius : No fucks were given ever
Pisces : Drawing ducks on the table

things I still need to explain:

-the gangster who shat himself

-the squad of SJWs who didn’t want to wear shirts

-the crazy coffee people

-that time I didn’t have an Anubis scene

also yesterday there was a bird trapped in preshow and we had to call animal control and they were basically like “lol yeah have fun” because they couldn’t get the bird out with guests in the building.

and also yesterday they took a set down for an hour so they can do some testing with the new script and I’m not excited about it. 😦

hashtag struggle tram

I went thrifting with @embersonfire and @lcsence a few weeks ago and came home with just a couple of books. But I’m lazy, so they’re just now going on my bookshelf. I’m running out of room, though!! #bookwormprobs (at The Dollhouse)

the reasons the signs are fails (yay!)


aries: butterfingers

taurus: mumbles

gemini: inappropriate winking

cancer: psycho thoughts

leo: hates letting others use their laptop

virgo: dislikes human interaction

libra: spiral of lies

scorpio: procrastination

sagittarius: can’t sleep

capricorn: has near-death experiences

aquarius: room’s a mess (especially the sock drawer)

pisces: people can’t touch your neck. ever.