notes from a 14 hour day




Seven hours down.

Seven shows completed.

I had to explain to a lady that the hat didn’t exist anymore, to which she responded “but my family told me to meet them there.”

I have eaten a hot pocket and a can of pineapple.

One of the munchkins has two tiny right hands instead of a right and a left and I can’t stop laughing.

I really want cheese fries.

also an elderly character attendant is sitting across the room from me reading a trashy romance novel.

update: I have five hours and fifteen minutes left

I am on show #9.

Greg farts like a dump truck and I got stuck with him at casting.

I tried eating healthy yogurt and it had the consistency of rubber cement so I sulked and ate a bag of Cadbury mini eggs instead.

I have received two compliments for being adorable and sounding like Minnie Mouse.

Leah and I can’t stop laughing about Dooneese Munchkin.

I am now Ronnie’s bubbe.

update again:

I have an hour and fifteen minutes left. I can do this.

I’m finishing out the night at front usher (the same place I started at 8 am!) so I filled my water bottle with an energy drink.

I turned on the work lights at casting instead of opening the doors.

I only did thirteen shows, so I didn’t break my record. 😦

My feet are literally swelling into my shoes.


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