Aries: You’re a go-getter, you’re exciting, & your confidence is attractive.
Taurus: You’re funny, really cute, and awkwardly charming.
Gemini: You’re hilarious, you’re interesting, & you’re different from other people.
Cancer: You’re sweet, you’re caring, & always know what to say.
Leo: You’re magnetic, confident, & everyone wants a part of you.
Virgo: You’re intelligent, sassy, and independent.
Libra: You have a nice booty, you’re cute as heck, and you’re naturally charming.
Scorpio: You’re sexy, you’re mysterious, and you’re absolutely fascinating.
Sagittarius: You’re wild, you’re fun, and you’re a really deep person.
Capricorn: You’re reliable, you’re stable, and you’re nurturing.
Aquarius: You’re intelligent, you’re attractive, and you’re different.
Pisces: You’re adorable, you have a kind heart, and you’re fun to talk to.

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