the signs based on people i know

aries: loves to be the center of attention. has no problem with giving compliments and is very supportive. gives good hugs and always smells nice.
taurus: headstrong and lovable. over the top hilarious and very intelligent. super caring and wants to help others as much as they can.
gemini: hardworking and dependable. very “work now, play later”, but it’s worth it. driven, sweet, and thoughtful. very good to talk to, great listeners, can switch from intelligent conversation to joking around quickly.
cancer: withdrawn, quiet, sensitive. plans things well in advance. easily hurt, but very sweet. extremely beautiful and is a big goof when with the right people.
leo: loud. makes the room light up when they laugh. thinks they’re the best and they’re probably right. very smart and egotistical, but they’re kind-hearted and caring beyond belief.
virgo: warm, soft, and humorous. probably obsessed with something they can show off to other people. loves to coddle and care for others, but very dangerous when angry.
libra: flighty, self-centered, and hypocritical. great sense of humor, great laugh, easy to talk to. takes shit from no one.
scorpio: vibrant and seductive. very funny in a quiet way. doesn’t like to be the first to strike. secretive, afraid of commitment, highly jealous, doesn’t know what they want.
sagittarius: happy, has a way of making others feel better, willing to sacrifice things for the people they care about. the best hugger out there.
capricorn: one of the most loyal friends you could have. honest and trustworthy. very funny, great listener, wants to make others feel good.
aquarius: enchanting, radiant, shameless. does anything for someone they care about. ignores embarrassing stuff. not the best in relationships, but it’s never their fault.
pisces: typically a mom figure. selfish and selfless at the same time. shy but once they open up they’re boisterous and funny. assumes responsibility because they don’t think others can handle it.

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