the signs under stress

Aries: snappish, prone to outbursts, can’t sleep
Taurus: moody, whiny, short-tempered, blunt
Gemini: distant, aloof, will bite your head off at the smallest thing
Cancer: teary, fragile, may have stomach pains, may even become depressed
Leo: glares a lot, doesn’t want to talk, may break down in tears
Virgo: becomes very quiet, refuses to eat, avoids people
Libra: short-tempered, snarky, them-against-the-world feeling
Scorpio: tense, aloof, may have explosive loss of temper
Sagittarius: rude, more blunt than usual, takes risks
Capricorn: grumpy, snappish, feels attacked
Aquarius: distances themselves, glares at people, impatient
Pisces: tearful, stress-eats, pouty, complains

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